Muslims of France : Immigrants

December 13, 2011 § 1 Comment

  Muslims of France : Immigrants

Guest workers only

This second part put into a historical context the massive arrival of migrants, mainly from Algeria, still a French colony in the 50s. Everything changed when wives and children started to settle down in France. A point of no return for many. From migrants to residents, and eventually citizens. A painful process indeed especially when those migrants are considered as “the enemy within”, as the war of Independence of Algeria is raging in the background, on both sides of the Mediterranean sea.

The same thing could be said of the “gastarbeiters” many coming from Turkey to work in Germany, and who were also expected to  eventually  return home.



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  • In most cases, the migrant workers themselves didn’t originally intend to stay, and quite often even had the project of building a house back home, in preparation for their return. The sad thing is that they actually missed their homeland, and there are many well-know songs around the quite painful theme of exile.

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