Morsi meter !

July 24, 2012 § Leave a comment

Morsi Meter is a site (English/Arabic) attempting “to monitor the performance of the recently elected Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi by documenting what has been achieved as opposed to his promises.” It was  created by a couple of twenty-something Egyptians.

Morsi Meter is a watchdog service modelled on Politifact’s Obameter, tracking 64 promises by president Mohamed Morsi.

“This was a very unplanned project,”said Amr Sobhy, one of the founders. It’s already a viral phenomenon, thanks in part to   Wael Ghonim‘s half-million Twitter followers.

Egyptian users have been commenting and making some very practical suggestions, directly on the site:

  • Increasing the productivity and nutritional value of the flour (used in Egyptian bakeries).
  • Appointing a PR officer in every (police) station to deal with citizens and direct them and make sure their problems are dealt with.
  • Re-plan the city’s main squares and provide it with modern traffic lights to guarantee a fluent traffic.”

Sobhy said to (The Poynter Institute) that “he’s been contacted by Morsi’s staffers and expects they will try to make the case whenever they believe a promise has been fulfilled. He said he’ll publish the evidence provided and invite the site’s users to vote on whether the promise should be regarded as fulfilled or not.”

He wants the site to remain independent and become “an information tool.”


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